Happy New Year

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family well. This is our second attempt at sending out an update of this kind (our first attempt was 2 years ago - how sad!). We hope you will enjoy reading about the latest with each member of the family. To start, we thought we would go in reverse age order:

JULIAN just turned 1 in December. We can hardly believe how quickly his first year flew by! Julian (AKA Sai-Ro, Jordan's mispronunciation of "Sai-Lo" which in Chinese means "little brother;") also took his first steps just a few days before his first birthday. He loves to put the lids on containers and place objects into buckets. The sight of the Cheerios box will also bring giddy giggles to Julian and he will search far and wide for any "runaway" Cheerios (under chairs, tables, etc.). He is a great sleeper and sometimes eater too. It’s no wonder he's only a few pounds lighter than Jordan! It has been especially nice for Julian to get together often with his older cousin (Donovan, 3 days older) as they wrestle and tackle each other. Many people interpret Julian's mild and easy-going temperament as being too "serious!" His furrowed-brow look was most likely inherited from mommy!

JORDAN turned 3 in October and is quite the loquacious little girl. At pick-up one day, the nursery school teacher informed Ivy that Jordan didn't stop talking from the moment she walked into the classroom until dismissal. Jordan loves going to school to play, draw pictures and make crafts. She also comes home often singing new songs she has learned. Among her favorites are "The More We Get Together," and "The Days of the Week Song." She loves to make her brother laugh, which is easy to do since he laughs at everything she does anyway! On Jordan's days home from school, she can often be found dressed up as a ballerina and dancing around the apartment. She also loves Play-doh, drawing pictures in her sketchbook, or pretending she is Dora, Angelina Ballerina, June (from Little Einsteins), or one of the many other characters she loves to watch! She also became fully potty-trained in November (praise the Lord!), and earned several Little Einsteins DVD's as a result!

IVY continues to teach part-time at an elementary school. The part-time schedule has enabled her to better juggle work and family. On her working days, Ivy's parents provides loving care and playful times for the children. When Ivy is not working, she gets to spend time with the children and tries to take care of household chores (keyword: tries!) She also sends Jordan to nursery school for a few hours and gets to spend some one-on-one time with Julian. They usually hang out at home or run quick trips to Trader Joes (yeah, one just opened near us!!!) or Target. Sometimes she will even visit her sister and nephew who now also live in Forest Hills. In the coming year, Ivy hopes to resume her scrapbooking, read more good books, and become better at staying in touch with friends. She also hopes to become more disciplined and organized, particularly with meal planning.

ANDREW continues to work as a graphic designer, but has recently said farewell to Toy Industry Association (after 13+ years!) and joint RE:CREATIVE, a small design firm in TriBeCa, as partner. He is thrilled for this opportunity that God has given him and hopes to find greater challenges, enjoyment and fulfillment. Since becoming a father, Andrew has scaled down his involvement in music almost completely. Finding time to play the guitar for personal enjoyment is few and far between, but occasionally, he can be found "entertaining" the kids with new songs he has written. Jordan has even requested for him to play "Deep and Wide!" And since Ivy's sister and brother-in-law have the Wii Guitar Hero, and Playstation Rock Band, Andrew has been able to "jam" a bit! Over the summer and early fall, Andrew was very busy working on freelance projects - some nights working until 3 or 4am, and waking up a few hours later to go to work!

2007 has been filled with many memorable events and wonderful blessings. Watching the growth of the children, and their growing relationship has been both challenging and rewarding. Back in May, we had a week long visit from Andrew’s sister, Vivian. It would be the last time we would see her before her big move back to Hong Kong. We also took our annual 2 week long trip to California over the summer. The children got to see their great grandmother who just turned 100!! In addition, we got to spend some quality time with friends and family, particularly Andrew’s parents and sister's family.

In the coming year, we hope to find a new home (we are quickly outgrowing ours!). We would love to stay in Forest Hills, but several factors seem to make it difficult. We also hope to find a new church home - one that is closer to where we live since the Chinatown commute has been wearing on all of us. We know that God's timing is perfect, and that in both areas, He will provide the right place for us.

May the New Year bring to you much joy and many blessings!

Much love,